Get New Insights From Your Existing Data

Oden is the fastest and easiest way for manufacturers to get the analytics and guided insights their teams need to solve problems.

With Oden, we have visibility to operations across all our facilities like never before. We are able to drive a culture of accountability and ownership, while giving our management team a complete picture to confidently focus our attention on the biggest opportunities.

Juan Manuel,

Global Director of Engineering, Dura-Line

How It Works

Oden Software automatically combines the millions of siloed data points across machines, business, and production systems. 

That data is then ingested, cleaned, enriched, and organized into trustworthy, contextual information that gives you immediate visibility to the biggest causes of inefficiency. All of this is available in real-time and for historical analysis.

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To Use

Our proprietary data infrastructure and user interface enables team members to make informed decisions, quickly.

Prioritize resources more effectively, quickly identify correlations across time and assets, solve issues faster, and replicate ideal production behavior with accessible insights.

Best of all, because data is consolidated and effectively cleaned, your engineers, operators, and leadership can all finally have one source of truth for the most vital KPIs that lead to meeting more goals with less.

To summarize, having Oden is like having business intelligence, IT, and Data Science teams working 24/7 across factories to improve OEE. 

Features That Scale

Oden is flexible with product, line, and process changes. Our features are designed to be scalable from a single pilot location to enterprise-level analytics.

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Metrics and Reporting

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Prescriptive Analytics

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Predictive Quality

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Data Exploration

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Operator Interface

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Real-Time Monitoring

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Because every customer will have different goals, data collection processes, and areas of improvement, results will vary. However, we consistently see production improvements, typically in OEE. For example, performance is often improved within the first 90 days.

We work best with manufacturers who have process, batch-continuous, or continuous, operator-dependent processes. Examples of this are manufacturers who are making:

  • Building materials
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Plastic Compounds
  • Cable
  • Laminates
  • Piping
  • Chemicals
  • Additives
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Products

If you’re a manufacturer who’d like to improve output and quality, but aren’t in this list, we may be able to help you. Get in touch with us here.

No, we are 100% committed to manufacturing.

Oden is a cloud application that can be accessed from any browser, anywhere, at anytime.

While we have partners who can assist with any infrastructure needs, we can connect and provide value even faster if the following is already in place:

  • Machine data collection via SCADA/OT network
  • Centralized OPC Server
  • Ability to Stream over MQTT (Kepware, Ignition, or other IoT Gateway)

We are an out-of-the box solution, so we don’t require thousands of consulting and IT hours to get started. We work with customers on tag mapping, but otherwise Oden is purpose-built for ingesting, cleaning, and enriching all manufacturing data types. 

Our in-house expert engineers partner with your team to setup, configure, drive adoption, and make improvements based on your specific needs. If your manufacturing processes change, Oden’s proprietary data taxonomy seamlessly handles all tags, assets, sites, or classifications required (without involving a data engineering team). So as your company grows, Oden grows with it.

Yes! Oden is designed to combine and find insights across dozens, even hundreds of factories, lines, and products. Many of our customers start with one factory, then roll it out to many within a year. Our user interface is built with this in mind, with dashboards that show what is happening within multiple factories, multiple lines, and just single lines. More production lines and factories increases insights to improve overall productivity across all lines and products. In addition, because Oden is flexible with line, product, system, and process changes, using Oden across different plants is easily scalable.

Yes. We encourage operators to use Oden to better understand how to meet their goals. Oden saves operators time by automatically tracking uptime and downtime events, and other key variables. And since the only information they need to input is downtime categorization and comments, it doesn’t add to their workday.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are great for handling transactions and execution in real-time, as well as scheduling key assets. Oden is different because we not only present data on what is happening on the plant floor in real-time, but we also source, scrub, and standardize data from MES, ERP, SCADA, and other key business and production systems all automatically (no garbage in, garbage out data).

Oden is built to analyze enormous amounts of data across different data types, so no matter how challenging your data, the system can handle it. Through Oden, staff on the plant floor get trustworthy data to react to problems and opportunities in real-time, while supervisors get insights across the entire plant floor, and those in the office can see what is happening, and what has happened, to drive manufacturing performance.

Importantly, unlike traditional MES, Oden requires very little to set up, and can start providing value in less than 90 days.

Unlike a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Oden automatically provides key insights and analytics that help to make your business better, and consolidates information from multiple sources, including MES, ERP, and SCADA Systems. The data is sourced automatically, scrubbed, and standardized, making it more trustworthy than manual entry. In addition, Oden is able to add contextual information to insights, and pair multiple variables together at once, such as shifts, batches, and lines to provide actionable insights.


At the core, the value that Oden provides is to enable improvement along the production process in a really clear and accessible way, while MES is focused on providing instructions and expectations for output. For example, if a manufacturer was having trouble with performance, their MES system wouldn’t be able to tell them what their achievable targets are, why production was off target, by how much they were off target, and ultimately the reasons why they were off-target. Oden provides those key insights for improvement, without having a data engineer spending hours managing and calculating different data sources.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools are vital to bring together data from disparate sources into dashboards and reports. However, this data is only presented as historical data, often costly to manage, is mostly built as an industry agnostic tool, can’t ingest or visualize high frequency process data, and is built for modelling – Not for insights. Oden provides data in both real-time, and for historical analysis, and is built for manufacturing teams from the plant floor to the CEO’s office.

Unlike BI tools, Oden doesn’t just ingest data and translates it into reports. We have manufacturing specific ingestion, cleaning, enrichment, and standardization that makes the data more trustworthy and actionable. This is because the data is joined together with other key data points automatically so manufacturers can see contextual information in relation to other key data points. This can be done in BI tools, but it takes a great deal of time from data engineers, and if there are any changes in the factory floor or processes, it would need to be re-engineered. Oden is adaptable to changes in production, and general business needs.

In addition, BI tools require predefined and static reports, creating a gap to have real-time interaction with dashboards to adjust views based on variety of different context filters that are specific to manufacturing

BI tools aren’t built for interconnected reporting to real-time data and historical analysis that is so beneficial for manufacturers. In Oden, users are able to quickly and easily drill down from the macros level down to specific areas. They are then able to share these insights with other stakeholders and users throughout the organization, without needing to worry about limited user licenses.


Oden also presents key insights for manufacturers, such as the variables that contributed to the highest achieving runs, what achievable targets could be by product-line combination, how specific factors affect production, and more.