Powerful Manufacturing Analytics & Reporting

Dive deep into your processes to uncover hidden improvement opportunities.

Factory Analytics

Shining a light on systemic manufacturing problems to find root-causes

Oden’s Factory Analytics provides out-of-the-box visualizations, reporting, and analytics created for manufacturing to investigate data trends and unlock efficiencies

Manufacturing Analytics with Real Impact

Save time and money by leveraging out-of-the-box and configurable visualizations, dashboards, and reports all built to make it easier for engineering and managers to use data to drive outcomes.

Uncover Hidden Efficiencies

Oden’s Factory Analytics includes specific workflows for engineers and management to uncover the root cause of process failures, performance loss, reduced quality, and unnecessary downtime. These workflows result in improved margin for customers across all steps of their manufacturing process.

Factory and Enterprise Alignment, Out-of-the-Box

Out-of-the-box and configurable reporting aligns teams, factories, and businesses to the truth behind your processes, and establishes shared, achievable targets and goals across the enterprise.

Within the first 6 months, INX reduced changeover times by 71% by using Factory Analytics.

Read the story here.

Oden Factory Analytics Features

Example Results


Reduction in changeover times through downtime root-cause analysis


Improvement to asset availability through utilization investigations


Annual Increase in Performance through performance loss root-cause analysis

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