Oden Features

Industrial analytics built to scale along the smart manufacturing journey.

Core Analytics

We’ve partnered with manufacturers to understand their most needed capabilities. Our reporting, real-time monitoring, data exploration, and intuitive operator interface tools drive sustainable wins for manufacturers building out their digital footprint.

Metrics and Reporting

Easily track KPIs for performance from production, process, and business data points. Access improvement and loss insights through interactive, understandable, and customizable dashboards. Accurate OEE calculations allow you to analyze and optimize your factory’s performance while uptime and downtime trends help you spot patterns and outliers. Extract data from Oden into other vital systems using custom APIs to further use insights and integration.

Customizable dashboards also allow you to:

    • Compare performance across different lines, shifts, and products.
    • Visualize main causes of unplanned downtime
    • Create key custom metrics
    • Access Pareto analysis for on-the-floor response

Accessible, Real-Time Monitoring

Create deep operational visibility by accessing live plant performance stats, machine metrics, and status summaries of multiple manufacturing lines. Because Oden is accessed from a browser, visibility is available from the operators on the plant floor, all the way to an international headquarters office. Our best in class security ensures your data is safe from malicious attacks, so accessibility doesn’t mean increased risk.

Customizable timeframes allow you to compare performance across various periods, with tile-views that give you a detailed glimpse into thresholds, alarms, and the state of key process parameters. Some of the insights include:

    • Machine status to compare what’s running & highlight unplanned downtime
    • What product and work order is currently on each factory line
    • Total production numbers across the plant

Rich Data Exploration

Solve problems faster and understand where to proactively improve production, quality, variability, and downtime. Manufacturing performance metrics accumulated over time help establish the best operating baselines while root-cause analysis helps identify reasons behind quality failures and performance.

Additionally, offline QMS integration and flexible querying provides additional context to understand the impact on lines, products, runs and more. Share and collaborate on various data views to understand where to proactively improve production.

Intuitive Operator Interface

Connect manufacturing performance to the factory floor by empowering operators with an intuitive operator interface. Provide front-line staff the information they need to understand, trust, and meet targets, ways to improve their output, and variabilities affecting their productivity they can react to. Make capturing and categorizing downtime easier through customizable downtime reasons within the interface. Increase visibility by viewing and modifying all production states in factory dashboards to achieve precise OEE calculations.

Fortune 500 Manufacturer Improves Performance 16% Without Decreasing Quality

Advanced Analytics

Predictive Quality

Prevent production issues by notifying factory personnel before problems happen. With Oden predictive analytics, manufacturers can minimize defects and overall scrap rates by identifying and monitoring process conditions that have previously led to defects. 

Prescriptive Analytics

Identify the most productive way to manufacture products without requiring years of experience and hundreds of hours of data manipulation and analysis. Through pre-built machine learning applications, Oden analyzes live and historical data from production, process, and business data to identify the key factors and parameters that contribute to the most successful runs.

Deploy and deliver ROI in less than 90 days.

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