Oden Features

Industrial analytics built to scale along the smart manufacturing journey.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive Quality

Prevent production issues by notifying factory personnel before problems happen. With Oden predictive analytics, manufacturers can minimize defects and overall scrap rates by identifying and monitoring process conditions that have previously led to defects. Operators and supervisors are alerted of potential quality failures and provided vital information to make proactive decisions. Scrap rates can be predicted and alerts built in if rates are about to be exceeded.

Prescriptive Analytics

Identify the most productive way to manufacture products without requiring years of experience and hundreds of hours of data manipulation and analysis. Through pre-built machine learning applications, Oden analyzes live and historical data from production, process, and business data to identify the key factors and parameters that contribute to the most successful runs.

From unifying siloed data to predictive modeling, Oden industrial analytics software is built for manufacturers at any stage of their data adoption journey.

It is the single source of truth your manufacturing team needs to make data-driven decisions, faster.

Accessible Real-Time Monitoring

Oden NowTM

Create deep operational visibility by accessing live plant performance stats, machine metrics, and status summaries of multiple manufacturing lines, all in an easy to understand user interface. 

      • Provide contextualized and transformed data to the floor immediately 
      • Surface key process metrics in real-time, with minimal technical knowledge needed
      • Configurable tile, line, and user views so only relevant information is shown
      • Highlight run metrics, unplanned downtime, and status by machine
      • Drill down into causal or trend information directly in application
Factory Analytics

Visualize Core KPI Reports

Oden Dashboards

Get rid of your reporting headaches with customizable dashboards, reports, and modules. Oden does the hard work by adding context to your data from multiple sources. This makes it easy to access and trust data that reflects what’s happening right now, what has been happening, and where to focus your time.

      • Visualize key data from multiple sources, with context, easily
      • Filter reports by shift, dates, lines, states, products, and operators
      • Build out detailed reports to better understand target gaps, downtime, utilization, production, and performance trends
      • Drill down from visual reports into tables with an automated query build

Fortune 500 Manufacturer Improves Performance 16% Without Decreasing Quality

Drill-Down in Minutes

Oden Explore

The easiest way to run your analysis. Drill-down into root causes across all your key production metrics in the same solution you’re monitoring trends. Identify causes of production gaps in minutes, rather than hours.

      • No-code automatic query generation builds detailed views, without SQL knowledge
      • View all your key production metrics and KPIs, all aligned, with context, in one page
      • Tabular navigation views enable you to see, evaluate, and sort your key production metrics and KPIs
      • Time-series views show you what has been happening on a specific line over time
      • Separation scoring provides the likely causes of deviation when there is a production issue

Surface the Biggest Opportunities

Oden Discover

Surface the largest opportunities for improvement in your plant without technical resources or even data consolidation delays. Actionable, reliable, and graphical representations of the largest discrepancies make at a glance problem and opportunity identification and solving possible.

      • Painless pareto analysis is presented visually by line, product, and shift
      • Easily identify the top contributors to slowdowns
      • Drill into the why, such as downtime categorization, with just a few clicks
      • Uncover opportunities across utilization hours, utilization, output, performance, and OEE
      • Filter by custom date ranges, lines, products, and shifts

Improve Operator Productivity

Oden OperatorTM

Provide front-line staff the information they need to understand, trust, and meet targets, regardless of tenure. 

      • Expedite the time to productivity by giving line-by-line, product-by-product recipe insights
      • Reduce the need for data entry by automatically time-stamping downtime down to the second
      • Easily categorize downtime with one-interface data entry and custom categories
      • Increase visibility to operators with customizable tileviews that highlight their most important metrics

Deploy and deliver ROI in less than 90 days.

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