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The Oden Factory Cloud

Our devices send data wirelessly to the cloud in real time. Every important metric from your factory is combined into one clear interface, with no complicated integrations.

Actionable Data Empowers Engineers to Solve Problems Faster

Data in manufacturing has been around for decades, but the reality is that most factories don’t use all of their critical production data to drive efficiency.

By unifying data acquisition and analytics into one streamlined platform, we supply all manufacturers with better access to data that is essential for constantly improving production.

Are You Using Your Data?

Nothing is wasted more than data, every second of every minute of every hour of the day. We hate the waste of data, because it is the root cause of inefficiency.

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Create a Culture of Improvement

Manufacturing is competitive. Especially as clients demand more competitive pricing, higher quality, and faster delivery. It’s no surprise that manufacturing was first to adopt Lean principles and equivalents for survival. Lean is hygiene in industry. ”Leaner” is crucial for survival. Reducing waste and becoming more efficient is essential.

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Confidence for Your Customers

An infinite, searchable record of production variables and results allows engineers to solve all problems that occur. Every root-cause can be seen, understood, and fixed. The proof is shown in the product you deliver, and in the Oden database. You and your customers can sleep better at night knowing that quality will never be a mystery.

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