Building a New Era of Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Oden Technologies is an intelligent industrial automation and AI-powered analytics provider.

Our AI-powered production recommendation system enables manufacturers to optimize their production and hit peak factory performance.
Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand, Oden Technologies' Co-Founders

The Story Behind Oden Technologies

Oden's founders Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand have seen first-hand the value that manufacturers can create from optimizing their production processes and eliminating waste.

So they set out to build an Industrial AI platform that is data-first.

Today, the Oden platform combines the best-in-class of data ingestion, data analytics and automation. Oden focuses on developing artificial intelligence solutions to help manufacturers achieve perfect production.

We Care About Sustainability & Advanced Manufacturing

Our people are passionate about helping manufacturers make products better, faster, with less waste and impact on the environment. Through research, product development, and more, we’re helping manufacturers reach ‘perfect production’.
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Willem Sundblad

CEO & Cofounder

Peter Brand

Chief Commercial Officer & Cofounder

Jennifer Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Deepak Turaga

Chief Technology Officer