Oden is revolutionizing how manufacturers make things through the use of data and intelligence.

Our Solutions​

Our solutions empower manufacturers to take a data-driven approach to production improvements. Our AI-powered software transforms the most chaotic of manufacturing data into useful, impactful, and actionable recommendations, predictions, and data-driven targets.

Process AI, Oden’s premier software offering, turns inexperienced operators into high performers in one click. Process AI ensures front-line workers have the exact information they need — when they need it— to achieve peak production.

Process AI

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Our Method

We take the headache out of making manufacturing data powerful and impactful by combining scaled and pre-built technology and models with customized and hands-on service.

Through a powerful turnkey data infrastructure, our system combines, cleans, and enriches diverse production and process data sources to unlock data and AI applications in real-time.

We provide hands on, white glove service to each of our customers to ensure success in adoption, change management, and value. We know that each manufacturer has unique challenges, and needs different strategies with the same tools to see success.

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Work With Us

Our people are passionate about helping manufacturers make products better, faster, with less waste and impact on the environment. Through advanced technology, industry expertise and more, we’re helping manufacturers reach perfect production.

Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand, Oden Technologies' Co-Founders

The Story Behind Oden Technologies

In 2014, Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand saw the necessity for manufacturers to get the right information served to the right people at the right time in order to win. Industries around the world were using their own data to improve their business, and manufacturing was being left behind. 

So they set out to build a solution that enabled those closest to production to use the data that manufacturers had in an actionable and useful way. Today, Oden’s products serve the entire manufacturing analytics journey, from guided analytics to advanced AI capabilities.


Willem Sundblad

CEO & Cofounder

Peter Brand

Chief Commercial Officer & Cofounder

Jennifer Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Deepak Turaga

Chief Technology Officer