Manufacturing Data You Can Trust

Turn your data from a headache into an opportunity

Making the messiest of manufacturing data accessible and usable

Oden’s Data Engine gathers, cleans, and enriches manufacturing data to provide a solid data foundation.

High Quality Data Decisions

Ensure that the data you’re using for decision making reflects the reality on the factory floor. Leverage advanced data aggregation, cleaning, and enrichment to guarantee high quality outcomes.

Unlock Insights Hidden in Operational Silos

Oden’s Data Engine combines diverse data sources such as streaming machine data and contextual production data to unlock insights.

AI-Ready in Days, Not Years

Oden’s Data Engine features out-of-the-box models for different manufacturing processes, allowing quick deployment and iteration. Oden has repeatedly produced models with 85% accuracy in 48 hours, with 95% accuracy reached in 4 weeks.

"Analytics and data science teams spend as much as 70-80% of their time and efforts on data preparation and cleaning as opposed to analysis"

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Oden Data Engine Features

Example Results


Data Points

Gathered, cleaned, enriched, and presented per day.



To achieve 85% predictive quality model accuracy.



Launched for one customer in one month.

Get Recommendations in 90 Days

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