How Oden Fits Into The Manufacturing Process Alongside Your MES

We’re often asked by manufacturers if Oden is a manufacturing execution system (MES). The quick answer is no. While Oden has functionality to monitor production in real-time and react with alerting, our technology also complements and enhances existing MES frameworks, ...
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How digital manufacturing technology improves quality in the medical device industry

In the fast-changing and increasingly complex medical device industry, manufacturers are turning to digital tools to ensure their production practices and products meet the highest quality and safety standards. With an increased demand for personalized care and a rising elderly ...
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Oden Technologies and WorldWide Polymer Compounding partner to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions to polymer and food compounding industries

We're delighted to announce that Oden Technologies has partnered with WorldWide Polymer Compounding (WWPC),  a leading specialist in process development and troubleshooting for the compounding industry to offer Oden’s products to polymer and food compounding manufacturers in North America. Today, ...
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Test case: How the Golden Run recommendation engine helped a manufacturer achieve peak production

In the first of this two-part series, we looked at Oden’s Golden Run recommendation engine and how it uses data to identify the most efficient way to make a product to a manufacturer’s specified quality. In this post, we will ...
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How the Golden Run recommendation engine delivers measurable Digital Transformation

As Industry 4.0 gains momentum, manufacturers are not just seeking out more information about the benefits of Digital Transformation - they also want to understand the guaranteed return on investment (ROI) they can expect.  We’ve already introduced the Golden Run ...
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Where Is Your Factory on the Path to Smart Manufacturing?

Before you start planning your smart manufacturing strategy, it’s critical to identify where your business currently is in its digital transformation journey. As we briefly discussed in a recent post, the path to smart manufacturing can be broken down into ...
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The Race to Smart Manufacturing: 7 Essential Steps For Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 is set to drive significant, measurable change in the competitive environment of manufacturing. However, the route to becoming a smart manufacturer can often seem overwhelmingly complex.  Simplifying the process enables manufacturers to cut through the confusion and fully ...
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Digital Transformation Is The Wave of the Future – Are You Ready?

The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly focused on digitalization with many companies already looking ahead and adopting new technologies. In fact, IDC predicts that organizations worldwide will invest $5.9 trillion in digital transformation between 2018-2021*.  Now, more than ever, manufacturing ...
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Introducing Oden’s Golden Run recommendation engine for achieving peak production

In manufacturing, finding the most efficient way to make a product has always been the utopian dream. But not any longer. Today, we’re announcing the launch of the Golden Run, the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered recommendation engine that uses data to ...
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Smart Manufacturing: The Rise of the Machines

Willem Sundblad is featured in GP Bullhound's latest research report, Smart Manufacturing: The Rise of the Machines. You can access the full report here. Below is a snippet: Martin Lorentzon, co-founder of Spotify says, “The value of a company is ...
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