Enhancing Operator Productivity with Advanced AI Insights

Christa Watson
Christa Watson

Announcing Process AI

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking solution that is set to transform the way operators work and usher in a new era of factory performance. We proudly present Process AI – an innovative solution designed to empower operators, optimize every run, and drive tangible results.

Unleashing the Power of Predictive Quality and Prescriptive Recommendations

Process AI is a solution that offers operators live, prescriptive process setting recommendations. No longer will manufacturing success be tied to the intangible realm of experienced knowledge. With Process AI, operators are equipped with real-time guidance to optimize runs, minimize material or energy costs, increase speed, and maintain impeccable quality standards. The solution takes into account company-defined tolerances and operating constraints, ensuring a complete blend of efficiency and precision.

Operators are presented with easy-to-understand recommendations that are presented directly against current process settings. To further incentivize action, Process AI even provides live estimates of the potential value cost savings achieved by following the provided recommendations. This transformative technology is driven by advanced machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, which draws insights from historical data to generate recommendations automatically. This innovative approach greatly reduces the need for manual analysis from time constrained team members and accelerates the decision-making process, a pivotal aspect in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment.

An early customer achieved a 5% improvement in related costs and a 3% increase in line speed.

Cost and Speed Improvements, Delivered in One Easy Solution

An early adopter of Process AI reaped substantial benefits during a 6-month pilot program. The company experienced a remarkable 5% improvement in related costs and a 3% increase in line speed. These improvements are poised to yield more than a 10-fold return on investment, enabling the company to reinvest in scaling the project immediately.

Addressing the Complex Workforce Challenge

The manufacturing landscape is fraught with challenges, and hiring and retaining skilled operators is a persistent hurdle. Operators, in particular, are susceptible to turnover, which can disrupt workflows and hinder productivity. Process AI is designed to bridge this gap by providing new operators with actionable insights from their first day on the job. With the immense influx of data – 5 million data points per line per day – and the complexity of joining data points together to find insights, relying solely on traditional training methods, lagging reports, and institutional knowledge is no longer viable.

Oden Technologies: Pioneering Manufacturing Analytics

Oden Technologies is a leader in bringing digital analytics to analog factories. With Process AI, the company takes its commitment to the next level, revolutionizing the way operators engage with data and make informed decisions. By focusing on improving the productivity of operators, Oden aims to create better working conditions and drive superior factory performance.

Learn More About Process AI

To learn more about Process AI and how it can transform your operations, visit us at oden.io/process-ai. We are excited to partner with you in achieving unprecedented productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing processes.

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