New Video Series Begins: Tech Tuesdays

We’re announcing a new video series called Tech Tuesday which will discuss different technology concepts relevant to manufacturers to help them make more, waste less and innovate faster.

OdenWatchNowIn an effort to foster interaction among the community during these uncertain times, these videos will serve as quick resources for essential information that is directly relevant to the factory floor and how to make the important shifts towards digital transformation.

The Tech Tuesdays video will cover topics including discussion of managing the impact of social distancing on the factory floor. Future topics will include:

  • How manufacturers are adapting to remote environments.
  • Making root cause analysis faster with Machine Learning.
  • How predictive analytics software can prevent quality failures.

This focus comes after a recent Oden virtual event in which 80 industry leaders gathered to share their strategies of how they are coping with COVID-19.

“An economic downturn is when you have a lot more time to do change management. When things are good you don’t have time to do anything besides fill orders. When things are bad you can’t afford not to look at what needs to change.” said Willem Sundblad, Cofounder and CEO of Oden Technologies.

These videos will speak on hot topics that will help manufacturers plan and prioritize their Industry 4.0. In under two minutes, one of Oden’s industry experts will provide insights and next steps of how to begin a digital transformation journey. 

These if you have any requests for topics to be covered, email [email protected].

To subscribe to this series and view other videos, go to Oden Technologies YouTube channel.

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