How to Take Advantage of NYSERDA RTEM Rebates

With the ever-growing necessity of focusing on energy efficiency and maintaining a green state-of-mind for future operational standards, Oden is thrilled to announce our partnership with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The Real-Time Energy Management System (RTEM) rebate program allows manufacturers to receive up to 30% off annual SaaS and hardware costs and will be applied at the point of purchase. 

“We’re delighted to partner with NYSERDA to provide manufacturers with cost-efficient ways to manage energy in real-time and continuously optimize their operations to ultimately achieve perfect production,” said William Sundblad, CEO & Co-Founder of Oden Technologies. “Our partnership with NYSERDA is without a doubt a statement showing customers our dedication and commitment to RTEM and creating a more efficient line production process.” 


What is NYSERDA and RTEM?

NYSERDA RTEM rebates help and incentive manufacturers in New York State to become more energy efficient. The goal is to increase real-time energy management among manufacturers in order to minimize their carbon footprint. RTEM solutions enable manufacturers to utilize sensor data and services to better manage energy and material consumption while running day-to-day operations. 

As an official NYSERDA RTEM vendor, Oden will help manufacturers process real-time manufacturing data across factory lines in order to provide clear visibility into production processes. The Industrial AI platform can recommend optimized settings to improve yield and reduce both energy and material consumption, among many other benefits. In return, NYSERDA will reimburse manufacturers up to 30% off their annual contract per facility, and up to $300,000 over a five year period. 


What are the benefits of NYSERDA RTEM rebates for Industrial AI solutions?

The benefits of taking advantage of NYSERDA’s RTEM rebate with Oden’s Industrial AI platform are numerous: 

  1. Easy Rebates & Savings: Companies with manufacturing facilities that partner with Oden Technologies will receive up to 30% off their annual contract per facility. The cost savings are applied directly to your contract and rebates are managed by Oden to eliminate frustrating and unnecessary paperwork.
  2. Streamlined Data Analytics: Oden’s innovative Industrial AI software aggregates and applies analytics to your production process and quality data in real-time. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent gathering data to solve problems and enables you to focus on continuous improvement efforts.
  3. Real-Time Impact: Manufacturers can expect immediate visibility across the operating floor and quick access to recommendations that the human eye may otherwise miss. Industrial AI solutions can make your factory more efficient and maximize contribution margins by reducing downtime and minimizing scrap products or materials. Supervisors and operators can also react faster to system failures, filter clogs, performance malfunctions on equipment and many other scenarios.
  4. Automated Insights: Industrial AI technologies leverage Machine Learning capabilities to recommend process parameter settings to increase throughput, improve quality and optimize many other metrics. All the work is done through an algorithm so there is no need for labor-intensive human analysis or to hire multiple data scientists. You’ll also benefit from a clearer understanding of key variables that inform your most efficient production conditions.

How can Oden Industrial AI Support Smart Manufacturing & RTEM?

Oden Technologies is helping manufacturers transition their current production processes to optimize OEE and other metrics with real-time, automated insights. Our Industrial AI platform provides operational visibility across factory lines to reduce waste, minimize unplanned downtime, and increase first-pass yield. 

For example, a global manufacturer was able to save 230 hours of production time over six months. Not only did this reduce energy consumption, but it also helped increase contribution margins by lowering operating costs for a particular order and allowed the plant to fulfill other orders faster and more consistently. 

This was done using Oden’s Golden Run™ recommendation engine that analyzed the history of all production runs to identify the best performing segments and key settings that contributed to peak performance. It then generated recommended settings for controllable variables, allowing operators to replicate optimal runs more consistently. Predictive alerts were also utilized to provide early warnings of departures from ideal settings, allowing operators to proactively solve potential issues. 


Getting Started with NYSERDA RTEM

To take advantage of the NYSERDA RTEM rebates, manufacturers simply need to provide the following information for a joint application: 

  • Contact and site information 
  • Utility account number including annual usage and costs
  • A copy of a recent electric utility bill
  • A copy of the Oden customer proposal

Manufacturers are facing greater competition than ever. Now is the time to start investing in Industrial AI solutions to gain a competitive edge. What better way to start a new year that streamlines your production process and increase contribution margins?  


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