Oden Technologies partners with New York State Energy Research Authority to help reduce energy usage and cost for manufacturers

New York, January 17, 2020 – Oden Technologies, the intelligent industrial automation provider, announced today it has partnered with New York State Energy Research Authority (NYSERDA). The partnership will enable New York State-based manufacturers to take advantage of Oden’s products and services at discounted prices while driving efficiencies across their operations.

Manufacturers who select Oden Technologies as their industrial analytics provider will immediately benefit from a one-third reduction in their investment for any New York State facilities. The discount for up to 30 percent of annual SaaS and hardware fees will be applied at the point of purchase and requires only minimal information from the customer.

“We’re delighted to partner with NYSERDA to provide manufacturers with cost-efficient ways to continuously optimize their operations and ultimately achieve perfect production”, said Willem Sundblad, co-founder and CEO, Oden Technologies.

NYSERDA supports the real-time energy management (RTEM) system and service providers who help eligible manufacturers in New York State with selecting appropriate RTEM systems, and offers cost-sharing incentives for installing the systems. Today, an RTEM system is considered a cutting-edge technology that continuously collects live and historical performance data through a cloud-based or on-site system. That data can be analyzed to uncover optimization opportunities for the site’s energy usage and operations.

Oden provides manufacturers with the most efficient way to make a product. The Oden platform analyzes the complete factory data pipeline at unprecedented speed delivering predictive alerting and prescriptive analytics. Its AI-assisted recommendation engines enable manufacturers to continuously optimize their production and hit peak factory performance.

To benefit from a discount offered by NYSERDA, Oden’s customers need to provide the following information for the joint application: contact and site information, utility account number including annual usage and costs, copy of electric utility bill, fixed system and services costs annually, and a copy of the Oden customer proposal. The reimbursement amount is capped at $300,000 over a five year period.

About Oden Technologies

Oden Technologies is the intelligent industrial automation and AI-powered analytics provider empowering manufacturers to achieve perfect production. Oden’s AI-powered production recommendation system enables manufacturers to optimize their production and hit peak factory performance. Oden investors include Atomico, EQT Ventures, Inbox Capital and LocalGlobe.