Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Oden makes it easy to track, report, and act on downtime.

Reduce Downtime With Oden

Oden is like my smartphone
I don't remember how I did things before I had it.

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Fortune 500 Manufacturer Improves Performance 16% Without Decreasing Quality

Analyze Historical Excess Downtime

Learn where and why targets were missed by shift, line, and product. Oden captures and records true downtime at all times to give manufacturers a strong understanding of how downtime is impacting their total OEE, and where there are opportunities for improvement and investment.

Analyze Downtime History

Evaluate and quantify the impact of downtime reasons overall OEE using daily, weekly, or monthly reports, and improve overall utilization over time by improving adherence to targets. Many Oden customers see a continuous improvement in overall utilization over time, as excess downtime is better managed and corrected with improved visibility.

Deploy and deliver ROI in less than 90 days.

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