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Solve problems faster with our unique Industrial IoT software provides automated insights, real-time actionable alerts, and interactive dashboards.

What is Industrial IoT?

Industrial IoT, also known as Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things, refers to the application of connected device networks across the factory floor.
In other words, Industrial IoT provides a digital interface that allows the collection, communication and storage of disparate data from machines and manufacturing systems such as ERP, MES and quality systems. This data can then be analyzed by machine learning and predictive analytics technologies to provide real-time insights, allowing manufacturers to optimize production runs and perfect peak factory performance.

Oden Industrial IoT Software Can Provide


Faster Process Improvements


Increase in Output While Maintaining Quality


Improvements in First Pass Yield

Perfect Peak Factory Performance With Industrial IoT

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Automated Insights

Rely on advanced analytics to prevent or proactively address problems plus uncover insights that increase profitability.
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Interactive Dashboards

Access live production metrics and interactive dashboards that provide deep visibility into your operations.
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Real-Time Alerts

Notify teams when production problems are detected or when operations are trending outside of optimal conditions.

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