The Oden Platform Overview

The Platform

Our software provides manufacturers with the most efficient way to make a product. Its AI-powered production recommendation system enables manufacturers to optimize their production and hit peak factory performance.

Oden’s AI-powered production recommendation system comprises:

  • Software platform that analyzes the complete factory data pipeline at unprecedented speed
  • Predictive alerting and prescriptive analytics driven by out-of-the-box Machine Learning and AI models
  • AI-assisted recommendation engines enabling continuous production optimization

How It Works

1. Ingest

Acquires data via APIs and integrations from MES, historians, quality systems, ERP and custom systems

2. Join

Joins all the data, cleans, normalizes, maps, blends and contextualizes it

3. Analyze

Analyzes data by: factory operations, plant, machine, line, product, shift

4. Visualize

Dashboards by job role  – process engineer, machine operator, shift manager, floor supervisor, data scientist, plant manager and enterprise manager

5. Predict

Alerts when conditions are about to reach specified targets

6. Recommend

Using AI and Machine Learning, based on historical and real-time data prescribes the ideal machine conditions for the Golden Run, for a human to action

7. Automate

Using AI and Machine Learning, prescribes the ideal machine conditions for the golden run, for a machine to action

Oden Quality

Automatically Analyze and Automate Quality
  • Aggregates and analyzes data for you to  pinpoint where your quality and processes are suboptimal.
  • Insights brought to your fingertips. No spreadsheets or manual data entry.
  • Never wait for quality issues to arise. Proactively reduce variation and solve quality issues. 

Oden Now

Real-Time Visibility
  • Live plant performance stats, machine metrics, and status summary of multiple lines.
  • An overview of production performance — which machines are running, what product is on the line, and any other macro data points.
  • Customizable, digital factory dashboard. Accessible from anywhere.

Oden Explore

Solve More Problems, Faster
  • Know how you’re running, and where you need to improve quality, variability, and downtime.
  • Displays key process indicators accumulated over time for establishing optimal operating baselines
  • Perform root-cause analysis and easily generate reports for root-cause analysis.
  • Group runs by line, product or labels to compare metrics across steady-state throughput, setup or ramp time, material use, dimensions, and other quality indicators.
  • Understand where to proactively improve production.

Oden Operator

Operator Insight and Engagement
  • Easily capture downtime reasons with the Oden Operator app.
  • View and modify any and all production states to achieve precise OEE calculations.
  • Review your line’s current states and downtime reason in the updated Factory dashboard.
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