Improve Throughput Rate

Oden provides automatic identification and recommendations that make impactful improvements.

Uncover Performance Opportunities With Oden

Enable Continuous Improvement of Performance

Analyze Historical Performance Loss

Identify where and why targets were missed by machine, shift, and product with true throughput rates captured at all times. Causes of deviations can be recorded, making the who, what, where, and why is accessible and easy to understand across multiple levels of the manufacturing organization. Oden provides the recipes that historically drove ideal outcomes, and are compared to run with performance loss to further understand why that loss occurred.

Assess Impact and Continuously Improve

Evaluate and quantify the impact of new or updated targets on overall performance using daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Identify new opportunities for improvement with prescriptive recommendations on an ongoing basis to build on previous successes.

Deploy and deliver ROI in less than 90 days.

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