Uptime Optimization Solutions

Reduce costly unplanned downtime and optimize product changeover routines to improve processes, uptime productivity and material usage.

Oden’s uptime optimization solutions create a framework with guided analytics to minimize unplanned downtime and identify areas of opportunity to hit production targets.

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Live Downtime Monitoring

Continuously monitor the factory floor to understand real time status and get predictive alerts to avoid unplanned downtime.
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Faster Data Analysis

Leverage historical data analysis to identify patterns that have consistently led to excessive unplanned downtime, changeover time or wasted material.
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Real-Time Alerts

Notify teams when changeovers, maintenance or other downtime causes are taking longer than planned.
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Prescriptive Improvements

Save time with automated reports that point you to how you can improve changeover and uptime

The Benefits Of Uptime Optimization Solutions

Track Common Downtime Causes

Capture structured downtime reasons associated with process variables to drive advanced analysis into the biggest reasons behind unplanned downtime and get to the root cause to solve problems faster.

Escalate Excessive Downtime

Notify supervisors or engineering teams when downtime exceeds targets or if there will be significant scrap predicted for the current order

Optimize Changeover Processes

Identify process improvements faster with automatic insights that highlight savings opportunities for changeover times and material waste.

Quickly Adapt To Demand

Enable swift product changeovers to adapt to changes in demand and empower a just-in-time manufacturing strategy.

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How Uptime Optimization Solutions Work

Real-time monitoring provides increased visibility across the factory floor. Data from sensors and machines along with ERP, MES and quality systems is consolidated and visualized into interactive dashboards. Customizable timeframes not only simplify the user experience, but enable teams to compare performance across the factory floor at both broad and granular levels.
Machine learning technologies analyze historical data to identify patterns on the factory floor that have previously led to unplanned downtime or excessive changeover times. Engineers can use this data to conduct root cause analysis faster and identify process improvements across production lines. Automatic insights can also highlight opportunities for improvement that can minimize unplanned downtime or product changeover times.
Alerts are sent in real-time to factory floor personnel when anomalies are detected on the production line. These alerts allow teams to proactively fix problems, such as a machine overheating, to prevent extended periods of downtime. Alerts are customizable; for example, parameters can be set to generate an alert only if motor speed drops five times over ten minutes, not if it drops once.

Plant Manager

Uncover inefficiencies that lead to excessive downtime. Understand the top reasons for unplanned downtime to proactively see where and why issues arise.


Gain deeper operational visibility into production through interactive dashboards and real-time alerts when changeover times exceed production thresholds.


Conduct root cause analysis faster and identify process optimizations for product changeover or other causes of downtime to increase efficiency on the factory floor.


Consistently hit production goals with increased visibility into production status and top causes of unplanned downtime or excessive changeover times.

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