Industrial IIoT for Manufacturing

Industrial IIoT allows factories to ingest and access a far greater amount of data at quicker speeds. This ultimately leads to more insight and efficiency and empowers the smart factory.

We have developed a full suite of machine learning data analytics tools that enable manufacturers to identify and solve their production constraints with minimal effort and resources. Learn how Industrial IIoT can help you achieve your lean manufacturing and production goals.

Increase Operational Efficiency, Productivity and Product Quality

Predictive Production Analytics​

Predictive Quality: Optimize first-pass yield, reduce waste, understand quality issues root-cause.

Predictive Performance: Optimize productivity and throughput, and OEE metrics.

Predictive Maintenance: Optimize machine availability and prevent unplanned downtime.

Operational Visibility

Asset Navigation: Quickly assess how every line in your factory is doing – based on live state, work order, and production information, as well as richer high-level data over a recent time window.

KPI Optimization: Discover and understand trends, identify constraints and areas of opportunity across the factory.

Live Process & Factory View: View real-time data across the whole factory at once or detailed metrics for each line.

Predictive Alerting

Action Alerts: Email-based notifications for when conditions go outside of targets for longer than specified allowance.

Investigative Reporting: Email-based report targeted at Process Engineers and Quality. Lists the previous day’s completed runs by Cpk, with additional metrics as configured. Raises quality issues for further investigation.

AI-Driven Automation​

Automation: AI-driven, advanced analytics for performance optimization that set optimal production settings on machines. ​

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Industrial IIoT & Applied Analytics​

These are the everyday problems facing manufacturers and how Oden’s Industrial IIoT solution enables users to eliminate quality issues, waste, downtime, and save costs.


Time-constrained. You need to monitor endless process variables to ensure production is running to standard and eliminate variation.

Detect every bottleneck immediately and make production nearly perfect. Gain 100% control of your process and eliminate any variation.

Plant Manager

You are responsible for running the plant at optimal efficiency, deploying resources, and constantly putting out fires, without accurate process data.

Uncover and improve every inefficiency in your plant. Have confidence in knowing the exact status of production. Proactively see where and why issues arise.


You need to know how production is constrained and pinpoint where the plant can increase output, reduce costs, and gain the competitive edge.

Always hit output and cost reduction goals. With real-time reports you will see every problem, defect, and win within your factory and gain confidence in knowing its true OEE.


Must provide accurate answers for root-cause analysis and ensure defects don’t reach customers.

Stop reacting to issues, instead, proactively perfect product quality. Always have the answer to why every defect arises, with the quickest and most accurate data.