Performance Manufacturing

Increase operational visibility with interactive applied analytics dashboards that provide OEE snapshots along with time series analysis and real-time data exploration capabilities.

Oden Industrial IoT Software Can Provide


Faster Process Improvements


Increase in Output While Maintaining Quality


Improvements in First Pass Yield

Oden Discover™

Oden Discover: Manufacturing Performance Metrics & Reporting

Easily track KPIs for manufacturing performance and access insights into constraints and opportunity costs through interactive dashboards. Accurate OEE calculations allow you to analyze and optimize your factory’s performance while uptime and downtime trends help you spot patterns and outliers. Customizable dashboards also allow you to:
Compare performance across different equipment, shifts, and products.
Visualize main causes of unplanned downtime and key custom metrics.
Quickly access Pareto analysis for weekly production meetings.

Oden Now™

Real-Time Trend Analysis for Operational Visibility

Create deep operational visibility by accessing live plant performance stats, machine metrics and status summaries of multiple manufacturing lines. Customizable timeframes that allow you to compare performance across various periods and tile-views provide granularity into thresholds, alarms and the state of key process parameters including:
Machine status to compare what’s running & highlight unplanned downtime
What product and work order is currently on each factory line
Total production numbers across the plant
Real-time OEE metrics
Additional macro data points

Oden Explore™

Oden Explore: Data Exploration for Manufacturing Performance KPIs

Solve problems faster and understand where to proactively improve production, quality, variability, and downtime. Manufacturing performance metrics accumulated over time help establish optimal operating baselines while root-cause analysis helps identify reasons behind quality failures and assess overall manufacturing performance. Additionally, offline QMS integration and high-level group querying provides additional context to understand the impact on lines, products, runs and more. Share and collaborate on various data views to understand where to proactively improve production.

Oden Operator™

Operator Interface for Performance Manufacturing

Connect manufacturing performance to the factory floor by empowering operators with an intuitive operator interface. Easily capture customizable downtime reasons on tablets to track why lines are down at any time. Increase visibility by viewing and modifying all production states in factory dashboards to achieve precise OEE calculations.

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