The Intelligent Industrial AI Platform Built for Manufacturers

Our software provides manufacturers with the most efficient way to make a product. The Golden Run, our AI-powered production recommendation system enables manufacturers to optimize their production and hit peak factory performance.
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The Golden Run Recommendation Engine

The Golden Run is the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered recommendation engine that uses data to find the optimal conditions for production. The Golden Run can be used to optimize manufacturing processes based on quality, performance, and a variety of metrics such as material usage.

The Golden Run

  • Software platform that analyzes the complete factory data pipeline at unprecedented speed

  • Predictive alerting and prescriptive analytics driven by out-of-the-box Machine Learning and AI models

  • AI-assisted recommendation engines enabling continuous production optimization

  • Edge gateway server that connects to Oden Cloud and enables complex data processing and real-time Machine Learning in edge applications
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The Four Analytic Capabilities

  • AI-Driven Automation

    Automate: Using AI, Oden feeds the ideal machine Golden Run conditions for machines to take action and with process engineers accepting new conditions as a ‘sanity check’. AI continuously optimizes for peak performance.

  • Prescriptive AI

    Recommend: Using Machine Learning and AI, based on historical and real-time data, Oden recommends the ideal machine conditions for the optimal run to be executed by process engineers.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predict: Oden alerts when conditions are about to reach specified targets.

  • Connected

    Ingest: Acquires data via APIs and integrations from MES, historians, quality systems, ERP and custom systems.

    Join: Joins all the data, cleans, normalizes, maps, blends and contextualizes it.

    Analyze: Analyzes data by factory operations, plant, machine, line, product, and shift.

    Visualize: Dashboards by job role - process engineer, machine operator, shift manager, floor supervisor, data scientist, plant manager and enterprise manager.