Intelligent Machinery

Oden for Machinery OEMs is powering differentiated aftermarket service through enhanced performance features, analytical capabilities, predictive maintenance and quality. 

Digital Transformation for Machine Makers

Differentiate aftermarket service and see your revenues grow

Machinery OEMs are in a highly competitive market where differentiation and superior aftermarket service are key to increasing revenue. As their customer base looks toward digitizing their factory-floor, many OEMs lack the internal data engineering and analytics expertise to install digital, Industry 4.0 solutions on their machines. 

That’s why Oden is partnering with innovative machine makers to help their customers see increased machine uptime, lower maintenance and operational costs, and increased OEE. By leveraging Oden’s data-driven architecture and platform, OEMs can start offering enhanced, Industry 4.0-ready machines. 


OEM Benefits

Differentiation - from the enhanced feature set deployed with machines
Additional revenue sources
Higher margins, incremental revenues
Lower warranty costs
Improved inventory management

OEM Customer Benefits

Increased machines availability
Reduced maintenance costs
Improved asset utilization, product quality, and OEE
Lower operating costs
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