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Why We're Doing It

We are on the brink of the next industrial revolution.

Manufacturing has long been an analog world, but this is about to change. There’s a staggering opportunity for efficiency and production leaps by introducing machines to the power of IoT and cloud analytics. Oden is driving this revolution. We’re on a mission to eliminate waste in manufacturing.

Oden is a B2B SaaS company combining industrial hardware, wireless connectivity, and big data architecture into one simple platform so all manufacturers can analyze and optimize their production, from any device. Efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness are democratized.

We value continuous improvement - the same ability we deliver to our clients. We strive to constantly question the status quo and find the best path forward with our team. Objective, thoughtful thinking. Excellent communication. Enabling others. Respect for all. Living like that will allow us to innovate faster than anyone else and have a blast doing it.

What We Offer

Measurable impact to the world. You have the chance to help actual people - family businesses, entrepreneurs, engineers - that will also result in improvements for many.

Exposure to many tech disciplines, most of which are rapidly evolving.

A bridge between the physical and cloud worlds of tech. Our platform unites big data visualizations with sensors, M2M tech, and heavy industrial equipment.

A platform that has the potential to evolve beyond what we have envisioned now.

Scientific and transparent thinking, for everyone involved.

We have backing by world leaders of both industry and tech that will ensure long term growth and development for us.

We're Hiring

    If you don't find a role for you above, send your resume to with a description of something you’ve built or did that you’re proud of.

    Our Tech Stack

    We're keen on using open-source tools to create a great engineering environment so we can build the best products. This is something that is reflected through our entire stack, from frontend to backend to all devices deployed in factories.

    We're using