Use AI to Give Junior Operators the Performance of Experienced Staff

Manufacturers are facing labor and productivity challenges that are only getting worse with mass retirement. There’s an opportunity to enable the new front-line employees to be successful from day one through using new AI technology.

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How does Process AI work?

Predicted Quality Outcomes

Customized predicted quality metrics and other constraints are automatically applied so operators only see process settings that align with organizational parameters and current constraints.

Prescriptive Process Setting Recommendations

Process settings are generated automatically and provided to the operator in an easy to use interface. When implemented, these recommendations enable the reduction of material and energy costs, and/or increasing speed, all while maintaining top-notch quality.

Quantified Action

Process AI’s live cost-saving estimates and aggregations help operators and others on the front-line understand how implementing recommendations will affect their and automated recommendations. 

Process AI’s data-driven insights stem from stable historical segments, respecting organization set recommendation parameters, constraints, and predicted quality specs. Powered by Oden’s robust data architecture and AI expertise, it’s a game-changer for manufacturing efficiency.

About Oden Technologies

Oden Technologies is a manufacturing analytics company that provides solutions to give all teams frictionless plant-floor insights and artificial intelligence without complex data querying and management. A real-time, adaptable, and innovative data infrastructure provides the unshakeable foundation for turnkey, actionable, and highly adopted solutions.

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