Oden Extrusion Data Conference 2016

Oden Extrusion Data Conference 2016

Thursday, October 27 - Hartford, CT

Learn how to leverage your data to make better products

Chris Rauwendaal discusses the importance of a data-driven culture, and explains how to increase quality and efficiency by analyzing data from your extrusion line.

Presented by Oden Technologies and Rauwendaal Extrusion

Who should attend?

Data-driven Executives, Plant Managers and Process / Production Engineers looking to understand how they can leverage their data to make better products.

9:30 am
Registration and light refreshments
10:00 am
Controlling Extrusion VariablesBob Bessemer, Conair Group, Inc.
11:00 am
11:15 am
Extrusion Data and Industry Best Practices, Part IChris Rauwendaal, CEO REE, Inc.
12:00 pm
12:40 am
Extrusion Data and Industry Best Practices, Part IIChris Rauwendaal, CEO REE, Inc.
1:30 am
Coffee refill
1:45 pm
Digital Transformation and Data as the most valuable assetWillem Sundblad, CEO, Oden Technologies
2:30 pm
Fireside chat and Interactive sessionwith Chris Rauwendaal, Bob Bessemer moderated by Willem Sundblad
3:30 pm
Networking and 1-on-1 Sessionswith Chris Rauwendaal, Bob Bessemer and Oden Technologies

Meet the Speakers

Chris Rauwendaal

Chris Rauwendaal

Owner, REE Inc.

With over 40 years of experience in extrusion engineering, Chris specializes in providing technically advanced, high quality products and services to the plastics industry. Join Chris for insights to interpreting process data specifically in plastic extrusion.

Bob Bessemer

Bob Bessemer

Sales Manager, Medical Downstream Extrusion, Conair Group, Inc.

Over the past 34 years, Bob Bessemer has worked for several downstream plastics extrusion equipment manufacturers both with engineering/development and sales. He also has 6 patents, across developing, sizing, and cutting equipment specific to medical and pharma applications. A major goal is to eliminate the so-called “Black Art” to increase control of the extrusion process.

Willem Sundblad

Willem Sundblad

CEO, Oden Technologies

After spending years as an industrial engineer and surveying plants across Europe, Willem identified the need for a data collection and optimization solution that lead to the founding of Oden Technologies. Join Willem for an informational session on the future of industrial IoT, data, and process technology.

Oden Technologies

Oden is one of the leading Industrial Internet of Things companies in the world, building solutions to empower manufacturers with the tools to take better decisions, faster.

Oden has developed an end-to-end solution for real-time data acquisition and analytics that can be deployed in less than a day.

Oden is backed by some of the world’s most prominent industrialists and technologists with the vision to bring new data technologies to manufacturing so waste can be eliminated.

Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering

Our mission is to provide technically advanced and high quality products and services to the plastics industry. To develop new machinery and processes that allow plastics processors to improve quality and to make products more efficiently.