Connecting Your Existing Enterprise Systems for Data-Driven Decision Making

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Today's manufacturers are already sitting on top of a wealth of data, collected from their previous industrial automation and manufacturing systems. But many organizations struggle to make sense of this available data. Root-cause analysis, process improvements, and operational decision-making are time-consuming if not nearly impossible.

The solution - Intelligent Manufacturing.

By connecting existing assets and systems to an Intelligent Manufacturing platform, manufacturers now have access to a single environment where all available information - from the factory floor metrics to offline quality data - is captured and turned into actionable insights in real-time.

Intelligent manufacturing enables businesses to optimize processes and productivity faster than ever before.

In this webinar, Oden CEO Willem Sundblad will walk you through the instant value Intelligent Manufacturing brings your organizations and how data-driven process insights can help you increase forecasting accuracy by 85%, reduce time to market by 50%, and more.

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Capture real-time factory metrics and increase yield by 5% within three months

Drive productivity by 55% and optimize your operations faster than ever before

Increase forecasting analytics by 85% and reduce time to market by 50%

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