Introducing Oden’s Golden Run recommendation engine for achieving peak production

In manufacturing, finding the most efficient way to make a product has always been the utopian dream. But not any longer.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of the Golden Run, the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered recommendation engine that uses data to identify the very best way to make any product. Its goal is to boost profits for manufacturers by helping them identify the most efficient way to create their products.

Why look for the Golden Run?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “where is the return on investment from Digital Transformation and smart manufacturing, and how do I get it?”

Manufacturers work to tight margins. Any maximizing of efficiency within the production cycle can help save money, reduce waste, improve output and increase overall productivity which, over the long-term, will deliver significant margin improvements.

Using data to find the optimal conditions for production and giving operators the settings they need to replicate those conditions, allows manufacturers to improve their processes run after run, until they are working at the very best possible efficiency.

Oden’s Golden Run recommendation engine effectively hands manufacturers the key to unlocking the true potential of continuous improvement. It’s easy to use, it delivers fast results, and there’s nothing quite like it on the market today.

Let’s look at how it works.

Start with quality

We start with quality, because if increasing output means decreasing quality then you are not making the right trade-off. Manufacturers using the Golden Run recommendation engine start by identifying the product quality benchmark level they want to achieve.

For example, products that require a high level of precision, such as medical devices, computer components or automotive components, will naturally need to be made with higher specifications, while other products can accommodate a wider range of variation and quality level.

Once you know the quality level you need to hit, the Golden Run gives you the settings you need to achieve your specified quality in the most efficient way.

How the Golden Run works

Most factories experience a wide range of variability when making products. The Golden Run recommendation engine makes use of all those variables, analyzing different shifts and different sections of each run to gain insights.

As the Golden Run looks at how a manufacturer previously made a product, it identifies the best sections of each run and uses those insights to create perfect run settings. With the Golden Run, there is no need for human analysis or input – the calculation is all done through the algorithm.

For example, if you ran a stable production for two days and the process ran at optimum efficiency for just 15 minutes, the Golden Run engine would find that 15 minutes and define the perimeters. Using these new settings, you could replicate the same optimal conditions for the full duration of your next run. In other words, instead of running at maximum efficiency for a short burst of time, you can now do the full run using these “golden” optimum settings.

The more historical data you have for a product, the more there is for the AI algorithms to crawl through and the better the insights and optimal settings will be.

The Straight Out-of-the-Box AI Solution

The beauty of the Golden Run recommendation engine is that it’s designed to work straight out-of-the-box. There’s no need for manufacturers to employ new internal expertise, such as data scientists, or shake up existing teams in order to gain insights and benefits.

Creating a similar AI-powered model in-house would likely run into the millions of dollars and take years of research. Our straight out-of-the-box approach saves manufacturers time, money and delivers rapid results.

New Oden customers can use the Golden Run engine as soon as sufficient data has been collected, which can take as little as a month if the product is made frequently. Existing clients should already have enough data to make use of the Golden Run, which is currently accessible through Oden Labs.

Grow Your Profits with the Golden Run

Every manufacturer wants to create more output for less input, and the Golden Run recommendation engine helps them achieve that perfect run goal in the easiest way possible. In every sector, small margins can make a significant difference and using the Golden Run can give forward-thinking manufacturers a strong competitive edge.

If you’d like to learn how you can use the Golden Run recommendation engine in your operations, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.