Oden Launches Industry’s First Cloud and Edge Machine Learning and AI Framework for Manufacturing

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New York, December 4, 2018 – Oden Technologies, the intelligent industrial automation provider, announced today the industry’s first end-to-end Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework for manufacturing.

With a novel, patent-pending infrastructure spanning both the cloud and the edge, the framework allows manufacturers to deploy mission-critical ML and AI applications to avoid machine failure, eliminate waste, and optimize production in real-time.

Despite the increasing adoption of Machine Learning and AI across other industries, their applications in process manufacturing have been limited. The complexity and specificity of manufacturing processes have traditionally demanded heavily customized solutions developed by internal data science teams.

Oden’s production-ready ML and AI framework is tailored specifically for manufacturing processes. It integrates ML algorithms and data science tools with both structured and unstructured data from machines, operator inputs, QA, work orders, environmental monitors, and product specs. The hybrid cloud and edge infrastructure delivers the power of the cloud without compromising the requirements of mission-critical applications.

The framework can be used to continuously monitor the manufacturing process to predict quality and machine health, detect abnormal behavior, and provide recommendations on recipes and process settings. Manufacturers can leverage the Oden framework to rapidly prototype and test new ideas for process monitoring and optimization, and more importantly, deploy them directly into their mission-critical operations with little to no overhead.

“Today’s launch marks the first step to delivering intelligent industrial automation to our customers,” said Willem Sundblad, co-founder and CEO, Oden Technologies. “The future of manufacturing demands intelligent systems that can provide real answers to the production issues manufacturers have been asking for decades. Only then can they achieve perfect production, with zero waste”.

The Oden platform provides continuous visibility into factory operations and processes, with customers seeing improvements such as a 20 percent increase in monthly output and 50 percent decrease in total scrap, resulting in millions of dollars in savings and additional revenue each year. Dr. Deepak Turaga, VP of Data Science at Oden Technologies, believes that the open and extensible nature of this ML and AI framework will accelerate such gains significantly.

“One-size-fits-all approach to Machine Learning and AI will never deliver on its full potential”, he commented. “That’s why our goal is to provide customers with the best-in-breed foundational ML and AI applications tailored for manufacturing, and the framework tools to easily extend and adapt them to their specific requirements and processes.

The ultimate benefits of Oden’s ML and AI framework extend beyond improving current production processes and operational efficiency. By integrating structured and unstructured data, supported by best of breed ML tools, it can be used to capture both implicit and explicit process know-how. In the future, this will allow manufacturers to leverage the system in bridging their talent skills gap.

To learn more about our Mímir ML framework download our whitepaper, or contact us at mimir@oden.io.


About Oden
Oden Technologies is the intelligent industrial automation company empowering manufacturers to achieve perfect production by providing complete visibility into all the production processes in real-time. The Oden platform wirelessly collects data from any machine, integrates it with third-party systems, and delivers instantaneous insights leading to effective quality control, timely maintenance and lower machine downtimes, optimized operations, and higher customer satisfaction. Oden investors include Atomico, EQT Ventures, Inbox Capital, and LocalGlobe.

John Turek Joins Oden Technologies as Chief Technology Officer

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Former SVP Engineering at Jet.com to drive development of company’s Industrial IoT platform.

New York, NY – Oden Technologies (www.oden.io), the New York based manufacturing analytics company, today announced that John Turek has joined the company, as its first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With more than 20 years of experience in scaling innovative technologies, John will lead the development of Oden Technologies’ Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform. In particular, John will be focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives to further Oden Technologies’ mission to eliminate waste and improve production in manufacturing.

“Manufacturing is an extremely competitive market and manufacturers have to adopt new technology to stay ahead of the game,” said John Turek, CTO, Oden Technologies. “With its complete and integrated approach to collecting and analyzing production data, Oden provides manufacturers with the immediate, actionable insights required to constantly improve production and reduce waste. I’m delighted to be joining the company and leading the engineering team. Our product roadmap promises to improve the strength and scope of Oden’s value creation. I have no doubt that we will significantly improve the efficiency of manufacturing around the world.”

Prior to joining Oden, John was the SVP of Engineering at Jet.com and served as the interim CTO following its acquisition by Wal-Mart. Before that, John was Director of Engineering at Google and a Director in IBM’s Software Group.

“We’re thrilled to have John join the Oden team,” said Willem Sundblad, co-founder and CEO, Oden Technologies. “The work John has done building reliable, scalable, and secure systems at Jet.com, Google, and IBM is in a league of its own and he will undoubtedly bring the same level of excellence to Oden. With his experience developing world-class teams and attracting excellent talent, we’ll continue to build amazing products and be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.”

In the last year, Oden has scaled its installation base tenfold with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized manufacturers. May 2017, Oden completed its latest financing round, bringing its total amount of seed funding to $5.9M. EQT Ventures was the lead investor in the round, along with Oden’s existing institutional backers Inbox Capital and LocalGlobeShiva Rajaraman formerly VP of Product at Spotify joined this round alongside existing angel investors Peter Carlsson, former CPO and head of supply chain at Tesla Motors, and Rob Keve, CEO and co-founder of Flow.

Oden Technologies was founded by Willem Sundblad and Peter Brand in 2014.

About Oden Technologies

Oden Technologies is a manufacturing analytics company that combines wireless industrial IoT and proprietary cloud-based analytics into one simple platform for manufacturers to monitor and optimize production in real time, from any device. The Oden data acquisition and analytics platform enables factories to digitize production and to continuously improve using clear data and actionable insights. Oden’s mission is to use data to empower the operators, engineers, and executives of the manufacturing industry to foster a culture of improvement, efficiency, and transparency.

Oden is committed to hiring people who make things to transform the world, things to enable the manufacturing industry to make things better – to make more, to waste less, to serve their customers, and to thrive in a competitive world.