Oden and I-IoT Solutions team up to deliver predictive production analytics to manufacturers in Latin America

Excited to announce that we’ve partnered with I-IoT Solutions, the industrial IoT solutions provider from Tucson, Arizona to offer Oden’s products to manufacturers in Latin America. Under the terms of the agreement, I-IoT Solutions will be offering Oden’s intelligent industrial automation platform and AI-powered, predictive data analytics to manufacturing industries in Mexico and Brazil. The partnership will expand into the rest of LATAM countries later this year.

Oden’s mission is to help manufacturers worldwide achieve predictive production and optimized plant performance, and we’re very excited to partner with I-IoT Solutions to deliver on this mission in Mexico and Brazil. The company founders have a proven track record of supplying data analytics solutions in Latin America and conveying the value and benefits of pioneering technologies to manufacturers.

We begin our expansion in Latin America by offering Oden’s products through the partnership with I-IoT Solutions to manufacturers in Mexico and Brazil. The Mexican manufacturing industry is closely tied to U.S. manufacturing, with most U.S. manufacturing companies operating plants in Mexico, while Brazil has the third most advanced industrial sector in the Americas.

The Oden intelligent industrial automation platform provides continuous visibility into factory operations and processes, with customers seeing improvements such as a 20 percent increase in monthly output. Its AI-powered, predictive data analytics help manufacturers achieve as much as a 50 percent decrease in total scrap, resulting in millions of dollars in savings and additional revenue each year.

Through the partnership with I-IoT Solution, we hope to transform manufacturing industries in Latin America by improving manufacturers’ processes and increasing efficiency across their operations.