Introducing Oden’s New Product Demo Summer Series

Explore our newest features that take your plant’s performance optimization to the next level, plus everything you expect from a first-class data exploration tool. Learn how to improve processes and product quality by solving production problems immediately, or before they even occur.

In part 1 of our three-part demo series, our CEO Willem Sundblad and Customer Success Manager Mike Monroe dive into our first product feature release, Oden Discover.

Oden Discover is an interactive visualization of your factory’s performance. Discover quickly shows you production issues that you haven’t been able to identify yet with exactly where production is failing and what variables to adjust. Focus on the biggest causes of downtime and prioritizes improvements through the most actionable areas—lines, products, and shifts.

Now you can visualize production trends and identify constraints across your factory floor!

In part 2, Willem and our Customer Success Manager Phil Typaldos introduce Oden Now.  A new feature that offers live intelligence on your factory’s performance.

Oden Now enables you to gain in-depth visibility of your factory processes in real-time, with detailed performance metrics for each line. Set up customized Alerts to notify the team when your lines reach beyond acceptable limits, so you can optimize your production and increase product quality.

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