How Oden works with System Integrators to deliver Industry 4.0

Industry watcher IDC expects nearly $2 trillion to be invested in digital transformation projects worldwide by 2022. Organizations will set aside capital budgets equivalent to 10% of revenue towards their digital strategies, the group predicts.

In manufacturing, much of that investment will be paid by manufacturers to their system integrator (SI) partners to select the right technology that enables them to achieve their Industry 4.0 goals. In fact, IDC expects spending on hardware and services to account for 75% of digital transformation investment in 2019.

Working with System Integrators to deliver Industry 4.0

These predictions make it clear that system integrators are going to play a pivotal role in manufacturers’ digital transformation. And as the manufacturing industry evolves, it is critical that operators seek out the best advice and solutions as early as possible.

Selecting the right Industry 4.0 technology expert is arguably the most important step of a manufacturer’s digital transformation journey. Often, manufacturers will go to their local service provider and a system integrator will recommend a framework, any required hardware and software, and an installation plan.

How Oden works with System Integrators

At Oden, we tend to work directly with our customers. Oden’s customer success team manages the entire customer journey from the moment a contract is signed, throughout the installation to lifetime support. Our Forward Deployment Engineers are very hands-on at the installation stage, as our system has specific set-up requirements. For instance, they need to ensure that the admin panel and network are correctly configured to Oden’s specifications.

We do however believe that the Oden platform could be a useful solution in a system integrator’s toolkit, and we have just begun working with a selected group of SIs. The SaaS business model makes Oden very easy for systems integrators to set up, and it is on our development roadmap to make it even simpler for SIs to install Oden in the near future.

Are you a manufacturer who needs help on your digital transformation journey? Read our Digital Manufacturing Manualget in touch with us directly or ask your system integrator to investigate the potential benefits of deploying Oden at your factory.

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