Industrial IoT & Analytics for Manufacturers

Oden uses machine learning and applied analytics to provide manufacturers with the most efficient way to make any product.


Oden Pledges Support For COVID-19 Manufacturing Efforts

We're supporting COVID-19 manufacturing efforts by offering free remote deployment of our predictive analytics solution to increase output of essential products.

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine


An out-of-the box AI algorithm and model that recommends the optimal conditions for production, gets you production-ready, and gives you the ability to create and maintain your own AI and machine learning in-house.


Superior Data Accessibility


Integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures, ingests and joins all the process data for analyzing the complete data pipeline at unprecedented speed.

Cloud & edge hybrid

Our technology infrastructure spans the cloud and the edge. It utilizes cloud for reliability and scalability, edge for low-latency and disconnected operation, and can dynamically shift compute and resources between these.

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Having Oden allowed us to diagnose and further prevent a quality defect in less than 20 minutes. It saved us capacity and time waste, not to mention our engineers’ time.

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